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“En­ergy drinks can be a very use­ful way of in­gest­ing enough fluid, car­bo­hy­drates and elec­trolytes – and de­pend­ing on the event, have a wellde­served place in a run­ner’s ar­se­nal,” says fit­ness in­struc­tor Peter An­to­nio. “In or­der to use car­bo­hy­drates for en­ergy needs, fluid is re­quired. The added sodium in sports drinks can also in­crease thirst, and thereby

in­crease the amount con­sumed, en­sur­ing that both fluid and en­ergy needs have been met. Sports drinks and other sup­ple­ments can def­i­nitely aid the as­pir­ing ath­lete in fine-tun­ing their per­for­mance.

“How­ever, don’t fret, as de­pend­ing on the in­di­vid­ual’s goals, sports drinks and other sup­ple­ments aren’t es­sen­tial. All nu­tri­tional and fluid needs can be reached by con­sum­ing real food. If planned ap­pro­pri­ately, and if your body al­lows, real food can take you as far or as long as your feet will carry you.”

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