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The per­for­mance-boost­ing ef­fects of caf­feine are well doc­u­mented, but it doesn’t work for ev­ery­one. A group at the Uni­ver­sity of Toronto re­cently put 101 com­pet­i­tive male sports­peo­ple through 10k bike time tri­als and com­pared their re­sults based on what type they were for the CYP1A2 gene, which af­fects caf­feine me­tab­o­lism. Medicine and Science in Sports and Ex­er­cise re­ported those with the AA geno­type (49% of the test pool) im­proved their time by 4.8% on av­er­age af­ter con­sum­ing caf­feine, those with the AC type (43%) showed no sig­nif­i­cant change, while the CC group (8%) ac­tu­ally slowed by 13.7%. So be­fore you risk a dodgy race tummy with sev­eral last­minute lat­tes, test the ef­fects in train­ing first.

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