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Awe­some ea­gle ac­tion

We’re nearing the end of the ac­tive ea­gle sea­son, so if you want an easy spot, head now to a High­land glen. Breed­ing pairs swoop to­gether through the crags, play­ing on the wind. You’ll need pa­tience, binoc­u­lars and a bright, breezy day.

Fra­grant flow­ers

Try to in­volve a wood­land on a walk; they are rich with plant life at this time of year. Blue­bells are some of the most ob­vi­ous to the eye and wild gar­lic will make it­self un­mis­tak­ably known to the nose.

An am­phib­ian in­va­sion

In spring, frogs and toads wake out of hi­ber­na­tion with one thing on their minds (af­ter break­fast and the bog, nat­u­rally). Hun­dreds of them make their way down hill­sides to breed near lakes, ponds and even pud­dles – they're ev­ery­where!

Boxing hares

Female hares give birth to their first lit­ter of one to two lev­erets around this time, but it’s likely that more will fol­low. Sig­nals are of­ten very clear, and fe­males will put up a good fight against a male they’re not in­ter­ested in.

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