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Whether you’re a camp­ing novice or reg­u­lar tent-pitcher, find a nearby green space – as long as it’s wild, dis­creet and prefer­ably open ac­cess – and pitch up for a fiery sunset. This is a great way of dis­cov­er­ing smaller hills in your im­me­di­ate ac­cess and giv­ing your­self a small hillwalking hit be­tween big trips. Sim­ply pull out your lo­cal map and search out the close con­tours. There’s lit­tle more restora­tive than sleep­ing out­doors, and though the days are getting shorter the tem­per­a­tures are still mild enough to be com­fort­able. You’ll feel fur­ther from home than you ac­tu­ally are and will see your lo­cal patch in a very dif­fer­ent light. It’s the per­fect way to end your out­door sum­mer on a high – quite lit­er­ally.

And don’t for­get – leave ab­so­lutely no trace of your pres­ence when you de­part!

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