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So, wild camp­ing then. Do you do it? Want to but are scared to? Wouldn’t dream of it? You’re not alone, in any case. Me: I do it. I have had some of the most amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ences of my life tucked up in a high place some­where in the Highlands, Lakes or Snowdonia. Just like that pic­ture up there: a lit­tle bub­ble of peace and calm, not dam­ag­ing any­thing. I pick my pitches in wild, high places, where hope­fully I won’t see any­one. I take out ev­ery­thing I bring in. Leave no trace. Take only mem­o­ries. The crit­i­cal bit: the only thing that is dif­fer­ent to me be­ing there in the day­time (which no­body has is­sue with) is the dark, a po­si­tion of re­pose, and some ny­lon. The ques­tion is, is this wrong? In the same way that driv­ing your car would be made wrong, be­cause a few id­iots speed? Or eat­ing crisps should be wrong be­cause a few peo­ple lit­ter? Oops, out of space again. Let’s con­tinue this on page 76. Si­mon In­gram, edi­tor (Twit­ter @MrSi­monIn­gram)

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