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Q Should gaiters go over or un­der my wa­ter­proof trousers? Dale Bun­dock, via Face­book

Gra­ham says It de­pends why you are wear­ing gaiters as well as the dura­bil­ity and fit of your overtrousers and the ter­rain you are cross­ing. When walk­ing through un­der­growth or scram­bling over jagged rock or wear­ing cram­pons, wear gaiters on the out­side of overtrousers to help pro­tect them. To keep your feet dry, wear gaiters in­side overtrousers so that rain can­not ac­cess the top of the gaiter. You’ll also be less sweaty around the lower legs if you wear gaiters in­side overtrousers.

So for gen­eral walk­ing where stay­ing dry is the pri­or­ity, wear­ing overtrousers over gaiters is a bet­ter op­tion. This also means that when the sun comes out you can re­move your overtrousers quickly and eas­ily with­out hav­ing to re­move your gaiters.

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