Aside from the nat­u­ral beauty of flow­ing wa­ter cas­cad­ing over rocks in a fury of foam and spray, be­lieve it or not there’s a sci­en­tific rea­son why wa­ter­falls and rivers make us feel good: ■ega­tive io■s.

Na­ture cre­ates these odour­less, taste­less, and in­vis­i­ble mood-lifters when air mol­e­cules break apart due to sun­light, ra­di­a­tion, and mov­ing air and wa­ter. The air cir­cu­lat­ing around a moun­tain wa­ter­fall is be­lieved (the sci­ence is a lit­tle fuzzy) to con­tain tens of thou­sands of neg­a­tive ions. We in­hale these and when they reach our blood­stream they are said (like I said, slightly fuzzy) to pro­duce bio­chem­i­cal re­ac­tions that can help to al­le­vi­ate de­pres­sion, re­lieve stress and boost en­ergy.

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