How to cor­rect a re­versed po­lar­ity com­pass:

Trail (UK) - - KNOW HOW -

1 Take a strong mag­net, such as a 10x10mm neodymium disc round rare-earth mag­net, which work well and are cheap to buy on­line.

2 Hold the com­pass flat and hor­i­zon­tal, with the nee­dle float­ing freely.

3 Take your mag­net and, us­ing the south end of the mag­net, flick it out­wards along the north red nee­dle of your com­pass.

4 Re­peat un­til your red com­pass nee­dle points to mag­netic north again.

5 Test the ac­cu­racy of your com­pass against an­other work­ing com­pass (keep­ing them 500mm apart).

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