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USED BY Sleep-wor­ship­ping staff writer Jake Kendall-Ash­ton

USED FOR 4 months

A cou­ple of inches. That’s all it boils down to – the dif­fer­ence be­tween a tor­rid sleep­less night and some solid shut-eye on a camp­ing trip. And so, the few-inches-thick sleep­ing mat­tress you choose to take with you is cru­cial.

I’ve been sprawl­ing on this comfy mummy-shaped Sea to Sum­mit mat since early April and, in some pretty test­ing overnight con­di­tions, it’s stood up to the test su­perbly. With a packed weight of 480g and di­men­sions of 10x23cm in its stuff­sack, it goes pretty much un­no­ticed in my ruck­sack. Blow­ing up the mat takes un­der a minute us­ing the Airstream Pump­sack, which is clev­erly

in­te­grated into the stuff­sack.

Com­prised of 181 air-sprung cells con­tain­ing a sin­gle layer of loft in­su­la­tion, the Ul­tra­Light pre­vents heat loss through your body to the ground. A heat-re­flec­tive outer fab­ric also ra­di­ates warmth. I’ve found this to be ideal for early spring through to late au­tumn – es­pe­cially when used with a warm sleep­ing bag.

It can be slightly noisy when you move on it and at £120 it’s not cheap, but if you’re a keen camper this would be a worth­while in­vest­ment.

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