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QWhat cloth­ing is best to wear in a boat from a safety per­spec­tive? I’m of­ten told that waders are dan­ger­ous if the wearer falls out, but get­ting in and out on shore­lines needs wa­ter­proof boots at least. John Nolan ROB EDMUNDS REPLIES: I am quite happy to wear waders when boat-fish­ing, as long as I have a life­jacket with enough New­ton force to hold me and my cloth­ing up should I fall in. I like the 100N life­jack­ets just to be safe. Re­mem­ber waders, even when full of wa­ter, have a neu­tral buoy­ancy when you're ac­tu­ally in the wa­ter. Dif­fi­cul­ties can arise when you try and pull your­self back onto the boat as there is now ex­tra weight (be­cause you are now out of the wa­ter). A tight-fit­ting belt around your waist will stop some wa­ter get­ting into the waders which will help. If you are un­for­tu­nate enough to fall in with waders on the best ad­vice is to lie back when you are in the wa­ter and you won't sink. Waders trap air in them so just lean back on to the life­jacket and gen­tly kick your feet (thigh waders of­ten just come off). The im­por­tant thing is not to panic. Watch videos on YouTube (search 'waders fish­ing safety') to see ex­actly what I mean.

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