Fish­ing Buzzers at depth

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QAt a lo­cal venue, there are days when the fish are well down in the wa­ter, nearly 25 feet deep. I can­not cast a leader of that length, and Buzzers seem to be the ‘go to’ fly. How can I get my Buzzers down to the fish on these oc­ca­sions? Rus­sell Hamil­ton ROB EDMUNDS REPLIES: I would ad­vise you to pur­chase an Air­flo mini-tip fly-line, one with a six-foot fast in­ter­me­di­ate tip. The in­ter­me­di­ate tip of this line will sink and even drag down the first three feet of float­ing line. If you were to use a leader of 15 to 16 feet and fish it ul­tra-slowly you would eas­ily reach depths of 20 to 25 feet. You should also use a heavy Buzzer on the point of your cast. A Gold­head Traf­fic Light Buzzer would be per­fect. The six-foot mini-tip is also an ex­cel­lent line for fish­ing the ‘wash­ing-line’ so would pro­vide you with a num­ber of meth­ods. Your only other op­tion would be to fish a fas fast sink­ing line with a 10-foot leader and a Boob Booby on the point. A Buzzer (not a gold­head) could be fished on the drop­per three feet from the Boob Booby and both flies would then pop up from the bot­tom.

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