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QWhat What hook size of Shut Shut­tle­cock Emerg­ers should I be us­ing in the sum­mer? Dave Slod­den PAUL PROC­TER REPLIES: Ul­ti­mately, shut­tle­cock-style flies are de­signed to im­i­tate the emerg­ing stage of chi­rono­mids (buzzers), so it’s usu­ally a case of iden­ti­fy­ing the size of the nat­u­rals on your lo­cal wa­ters and se­lect­ing an ap­pro­pri­ately sized fly. As a rule, buzzers hatch­ing through the warmer months tend to be larger in stature when it’s not un­usual to re­quire a fly dressed on a size 12, or 10 hook to copy the nat­u­rals. This is es­pe­cially the case to­wards dusk when some re­ally large species of buzzers are known to oc­cur. These evening buzzer hatches of­ten hap­pen on a huge scale when lit­er­ally thou­sands of flies emerge at once, the idea be­ing that such a sur­feit of in­sects over­whelms preda­tors. In such cir­cum­stances, our fly sim­ply ap­pears as one of many nat­u­rals lit­ter­ing the sur­face. Now, we can ac­tu­ally step up in hook size, hope­fully mak­ing our fly stand out and ap­pear more tempt­ing to trout. Typ­i­cally then, if the size of buzzers hatch­ing equate to a size 14 hook, we ought to con­sider a size 12 pat­tern in such cir­cum­stances.

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