The Mud­dled Daddy

Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Fly-Tying -

Hook: Size 10-12 nymph hook Thread: Brown Rib: Fine gold wire Body: Hare’s or Fox squir­rel fur and gold Lite-Brite Legs: Knot­ted cock pheas­ant tail fi­bres Wing: Cree or griz­zle hackle tips (op­tional) Head: Spun and clipped roe deer body hair

Run the ty­ing thread on at the eye, car­ry­ing it down to the bend in close turns. At the bend catch in a length of fine gold wire.

Se­cure the waste end of the wire along the shank then dub a pinch of fur onto the thread. Wind the fur along the shank in touch­ing turns.

Ap­ply the dubbed fur un­til it has cov­ered three­quar­ters of the shank and formed a slim body. Wind on evenly spaced turns of gold wire.

Se­cure the end of the wire then add three legs of knot­ted pheas­ant tail to each side of the body. Trim off the waste ends of pheas­ant tail.

Se­lect a pinch of roe deer hair, re­mov­ing any fluff or dam­aged fi­bres. With the tips pro­ject­ing over the body ap­ply loose thread turns.

Gen­tly pull the thread tight. This will cause the hair to flare and spin around the shank. If nec­es­sary, use fin­gers to help it around the shank.

Work the thread through the hair so that it is locked se­curely to the shank. When the thread has reached the eye draw the hair back.

Cast off the thread with a whip fin­ish then be­gin trim­ming the hair. Us­ing small pre­cise cuts work around the head to cre­ate a rounded shape.

Keep snip­ping un­til all of the grey hair has been trimmed to shape leav­ing only the brown tips to form a col­lar pro­ject­ing over the body.

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