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De­cide whether you want to tie on barbed or bar­b­less hooks. This sea­son I have been ty­ing on the Fulling Mill grab gape hooks which are ex­cel­lent, es­pe­cially if you are al­lowed to fish catch and re­lease. Tie some flies with metal beads and some with glass beads. Very of­ten you will find that depth is im­por­tant to find the fish. When ty­ing in the marabou tail use your thumb nail and fore­fin­ger to strip out the flue so that you only tie down the stalks. This cre­ates less bulk. Tie in the strands of blue tin­sel so they lie neatly along the marabou tail. When palmer­ing the hackle make sure the front face is look­ing in the di­rec­tion you want the palmer to go (i.e. dark side look­ing to­wards the eye of the hook). As you wind the hackle for­ward, wet your thumb and fore­fin­ger and sweep the hackle fi­bres back af­ter each turn. This will keep them neat and reg­u­lar. En­sure the dark side of the hackle is fac­ing to the front af­ter each turn. It is easy to in­ad­ver­tently twist the hackle. Use the stripped marabou flue in a dub­bing rope or, if you want a more com­pact body, use a dub­bing loop. Take two turns of the hackle im­me­di­ately be­hind the bead head. When fin­ish­ing the fly, paint some head ce­ment or Su­per­glue onto the thread and then tie down. This prevents the glue go­ing any­where near the hack­les.

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