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IF you are a fan of in­cor­po­rat­ing a touch of real­ism into your pat­terns then check out these Uni legs from Ve­niard. They are made from a tough, stretchy foam and con­sist of three pairs of jointed legs at­tached to a cen­tral small foam plate. These can be at­tached to the hook and the ma­te­ri­als then tied around them, or they can sim­ply be glued to the un­der­side of a fin­ished pat­tern. The legs come in small and ex­tra small in black and tan and you get six sets of legs per pack. Per­fect for adding a life­like pro­file to small ter­res­trial pat­terns, nymphs and up­winged flies such as Mayflflies. They are pretty tough and can take a good maul­ing by the trout.

Hare’s Ear Nymph Hook: Size 10-14 long­shank nymph Thread: Vee­vus 12/0, dun Un­der­body (opt’l): Fine lead wire Tail: Guard hair fi­fi­bres from hare’s mask Rib: Fine gold wire Ab­domen: Dave’s Bug Dub hare’s ear Wing­case: Cock pheas­ant cen­tre tail feather...

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