Hem­ing­way’s syn­thetic ta­pered pea­cock quills

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THESE syn­thetic pea­cock quills are dif­fer­ent from oth­ers I’ve seen be­fore in that they are in­di­vid­u­all in­di­vid­u­ally ta­pered. Made from a very thin, self-ad­he­sive and flex­i­ble vinyl ma­te­rial, each quill ta­pers from a 0.2mm tip to a 2.2mm end sec­tion. Each one mea­sures 10cm (four inches) in length and there are 20 quills per pack. Be­cause they are ta­pered they are suit­able for flies flflies from size 18 and 20 all the way up to large nymphs and Mayflies. Un­like nat­u­ral pea­cock quills, these are in­cred­i­bly tough and very easy to work with, even if you are a heavy- handed tyer. You can stretch them out and they won’t split or break when you tie them in. The vinyl sheets are pre-cut so all you have to do is lift one end and peel it off the back­ing card. Be­ing self- ad­he­sive means they are easy to po­si­tion when ty­ing in and when mak­ing con­sec­u­tive wraps up the body to cre­ate the seg­mented ef­fect. They are avail­able in four dif­fer­ent ef­fects: stan­dard, trans­par­ent, holo­graphic and flflu­o­res­cent and I had the lat­ter three for re­view. The trans­par­ent and holo­graphic quills come in black, blue, green, grey, light or­ange, nat­u­ral, olive, red, salmon, tan, yel­low and yel­low olive, a com­pre­hen­sive colour ranger suit­able for a wide range of Buzzers, nymphs and drydr flflies. The trans­par­ent quills work par­tic­u­larly well when wrapped over a coloured un­der­body as the sub­tle colour of the thread or floss flfloss shows through to give a translu­cent im­i­ta­tive ef­fect. The flu­o­res­cent flflu­o­res­cent colours are green, hot red, light or­ange, or­ange, pink and yel­low, ideal for bod­ies on mini lures, wet flflies and Boo­bies. The print qual­ity in terms of colour, shad­ing and de­tail is ex­cel­lent with each in­di­vid­ual quill fea­tur­ing a dark and light edge and a gra­di­ent ef­fect. The quills also take var­nish, epoxy and UV resins very well, ell, giv­ing a beau­ti­ful shiny fifin­ish fin­ish when to­tally dry.

Fluo quills (above) and an in­di­vid­ual ta­pered quill (left).

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