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For­get­ting his drogue on this oc­ca­sion meant a busy day on the oars for Drew Dick­son, prompt­ing us to ask two TF con­trib­u­tors if there was any makeshift al­ter­na­tive for the boat an­gler who’s guilty of a sim­i­lar omis­sion.

“If buy­ing a re­place­ment at the fish­ery is just too painful, and an­chor­ing isn’t an op­tion, go to the bank at the top of the wind, as it will be much calmer there and the boat will drift much more slowly,” Rob Ed­munds ad­vises.

“Oth­er­wise, see if you can cob­ble to­gether a makeshift drogue. You could use the an­chor rope (cut off the an­chor) and try and find a large piece of ma­te­rial like hes­sian sack, or a bucket, plas­tic wa­ter butt etc. Any­thing that will slow the speed of the boat down. A 20-litre plas­tic con­tainer is good but a bug­ger to pull in at the end of the drift, I have done it, though, and it works.”

Fred Bainbridge adds that, “You could throw out the an­chor but only so far that it doesn’t set fully but drags across the bot­tom, slow­ing you a lit­tle. I wouldn’t ad­vise do­ing this in a strong wind, though, be­cause if the an­chor fully grips the bot­tom and stops the boat dead, you could find your­self in dif­fi­culty.”

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