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Madeleine (Maddy) Kelly earnt her 20th Ir­ish cap at Melvin, a venue she has fished for some 30 years. If her ad­mis­sion to “lov­ing” the con­di­tions sug­gests har­di­ness bor­der­ing on masochism, you should know that this is a woman used to driv­ing from Belfast to Melvin at the height of the Trou­bles, a jour­ney that in­volved ne­go­ti­at­ing three check­points and sev­eral roads that had been help­fully blown up by the Army… “The Son a ghana re unique to Melvin, while gilla­roo are found here and in sev­eral other Ir­ish loughs. I think gill aroo have double the love­li­ness of a brownie, with big dot sand but­tery bel­lies. They’ re mostly shore-feed­ing fish, feed­ing on what’ s un­der rocks. They like windy days here as much as I do, be­cause the smaller rock sand stones get moved around! Us­ing float­ing or in­ter­me­di­ate line, you fish for them in shal­lows, right to the edge of the wa­ter, where they’ re likely to have their heads down and tails up, yet you don’ t have to be‘ buggy’ with your flies; just strip brightly-coloured pat­terns past them, like a Gor­geous Ge­orge. These are Ir­ish trout, don’ t for­get–they haven’ t read the books… Son­aghan feed on plank­ton out in the mid­dle. They’ ve had a quiet year so far but nor­mally switch on be­tween March and May, when they’ ve moved from Kin lo ugh into the main lo ugh, Just drift and find what’ s catch­ing them: some­day sit will need lures on Di -7 lines but usu­ally it’ s a float er or in­ter­me­di­ate line be­cause these fish will come up and, plank­ton aside, they still go for in­sects. I’ ve caught a lot on a cop­per-headed Bibioora Ray­mond–a Bum­ble-type­fly. Brown trout tend to be found some­where be­tween the gilla­roo and the son ag h an. Use tra­di­tional flies for them–Kate Moss, Black Pen nell, Bibios, and nat­u­ral pat­terns if fish­ing dries, such as Hawthorns or Dad dies. And don’ t for­get our lo­cal flies, The Kings mill and the Dab­bler .”

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