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Orvis water­proof hip pack £209

IF keep­ing your gear to­tally dry is im­por­tant to you then check out the new lug­gage range from Orvis which in­cludes this hip pack. It is made from a water­proof TPU coated 500D ny­lon and there is no stitch­ing on the main bag, all the seams have been welded. Any wa­ter hitting the out­side just beads off. Its smooth sur­face fin­ish also means it is easy to clean. The fab­ric it­self is fairly thin but very durable with a rea­son­able de­gree of stiff­ness so the bag holds its shape. De­signed for the rov­ing an­gler who likes to travel light, it con­cen­trates the weight on your hips, not your shoul­ders, and offers a hands-free so­lu­tion to gear stor­age. The main cargo com­part­ment (roughly seven litres in ca­pac­ity) has a full-width water­proof YKK flflexseal zip with a cord and moulded plas­tic pull tab. On the in­side are four mesh elas­ti­cated-topped ac­ces­sory pock­ets, one full-width open pocket and a full-width zipped se­cu­rity pocket. The lime green lin­ing high­lights the con­tents well. The pack is at­tached to a padded and ad­justable waist belt with quick-re­leased bay­o­net fit­tings at the

Fario Dad­dies & dries £1.50

IF you are look­ing for some dry flies to tempt those sur­face-feed­ing trout this au­tumn then check out these new pat­terns from the Fario Fly sta­ble. The Claret Hop­per Soft Hackle, size 12, is a very ap­peal­ing fly with a bit of twist in the form of the hen hackle that gives it that en­tic­ing ‘leggy’ move­ment. Fish it wash­ing-line style be­tween a small or big-eyed Booby on the point and a FAB on the top drop­per. Deadly when the fish are up in the wa­ter. Two of the pat­terns are vari­a­tions on the Yel­low Owl theme, a fly that has been in­cred­i­bly suc­cess­ful front. The pad­ding ex­tends part­way round the hips and waist and the belt is wide enough to give sup­port and com­fort. Ad­justable side ten­sion straps en­sure an even bet­ter fit while a moulded and con­toured back panel sits com­fort­ably against the back and hips. The pack comes with an ad­justable, padded and de­tach­able shoul­der/neck strap which con­nects to the pack with two quick-re­lease bay­o­net fit­tings, giv­ing ex­tra sup­port if needed. There is also a small carry han­dle on the top of the pack. On the un­der­side is a stretch­able fab­ric pocket for a wa­ter bottle. An elas­ti­cated bungee cord with tog­gle locks keeps the bottle in place. There are a num­ber of welded gear tabs around the pack plus a fly-dry­ing patch that you could also at­tach your own patch to. On the side of the pack are two cord loops which are com­pat­i­ble with the Orvis tippet bar, and on the front is a gear sta­tion that will take a zinger, nip­pers and for­ceps.


An ex­cel­lent water­proof pack with good de­sign fea­tures, but it all comes at a price. To make sure the pack is sealed against the el­e­ments make sure the zip is fully se­cure and in its housing. With the pack empty of gear but full of air, just squeeze it and if any air es­capes you can tell it’s not done up prop­erly. Not sure about the wa­ter bottle holder un­der­neath the pack, it might have been bet­ter lo­cated on the side. up and down the coun­try. The Hot Butt Yel­low Owl cul, tied on a dry fly size 12, is de­signed so most of the hook hangs just un­der the sur­face where trout sup­ping in­sects off the top will find it. The Yel­low Owl F-Fly, tied on a short shank dry, size 12, is great for im­i­tat­ing adult buzzers and also small sedges skit­ter­ing over the sur­face late in the evening. The Mini Foam Dad­dies are tied on size 12 short shank hooks and avail­able in orange and brown Yel­low Owl F-Fly. ver­sions. They are quite min­i­mal­is­tic with the de­tached body mak­ing up the bulk of the dress­ing. The legs of knot­ted cock pheas­ant fi­fi­bres en­sure the pat­tern sits nicely in the sur­face fi­film, and be­ing in­cred­i­bly buoy­ant it can be ‘waked’ at the end of the re­trieve. Works re­ally well in a team of two – put the Mini Daddy on the point as the sighter flflfly with some­thing smaller on the drop­per. All the flflies are com­pe­ti­tion le­gal and cost £1.50.

“There is no stitch­ing on the main bag, all the seams have been welded.”

Vi­sion Vibe 100 float­ing line £64.99

THE Vibe 100 float­ing line is avail­able in five line weights: 4/5 and 5/6, both 27 me­tres long, and the 6/7, 7/8 and 8/9 at 30 me­tres in length. The 6/7wt, which I’ve had on test for this sea­son, has a pale blue head length, a white run­ning line and fea­tures a welded loop at the front end. Its 10 me­tre (30.5ft) head length makes it a user­friendly line for be­gin­ners, im­provers and ex­pe­ri­enced cast­ers alike. Built around a low stretch core there is very lit­tle give in this line and sub­se­quently very lit­tle in the way of mem­ory right from the off. The coat­ing is slick and uni­form through­out (I couldn’t de­tect any im­per­fec­tions when I ran it through my fingers) and the run­ning line merges seam­lessly and smoothly into the head length. Al­though not a true shooting head-style line ie dense, heav­ier head length and very thin run­ning line, the head length on the Vibe 100 is thicker than on many other 6/7wt lines I have used. This makes it very easy to lift and load, and when shooting line, even though the head length isn’t par­tic­u­larly long, I found I could shoot quite a long line with the head ef­fort­lessly car­ry­ing the run­ning line out onto tar­get. Line pre­sen­ta­tion was also very good, partly due to the long front ta­per that dis­si­pates the en­ergy be­fore touch­down. I’ve put the Vibe through its paces in a range of con­di­tions and with a va­ri­ety of rods from soft to fast ac­tion. The mid-range mid­dle-to-tip ac­tion rods cer­tainly pro­duced a more re­laxed fish­ing style, but when I wanted to hit those dis­tance marks the fast-ac­tion rod pro­duced the goods. I like a line that not only al­lows me to per­form over­head and double haul casts, but also con­tin­u­ous mo­tion casts such as the roll, switch and spey and this line cer­tainly man­aged to tick the boxes, mak­ing it very ver­sa­tile. The low-stretch core has ob­vi­ous ben­e­fits when it comes to de­tect­ing takes and set­ting the hook, but it also makes a big dif­fer­ence when you are trans­fer­ring en­ergy from the rod into the line: ev­ery­thing be­comes tighter and more ef­fi­cient, mak­ing for a bet­ter cast.


An ex­cel­lent, easy-to-cast float­ing line that sits high on the sur­face. The pale blue head length is an easy enough colour to track and will suit those an­glers who are not big fans of hi vis float­ing lines.

“The legs of knot­ted cock pheas­ant fi­bres en­sure the pat­tern sits nicely in the sur­face film.”

Tool at­tach­ments and fly patch.

A va­ri­ety of gear can be stored on and in the hip pack.

Mini Foam Daddy, brown.

Mini Foam Daddy, orange.

Wa­ter bottle holder. Bright lin­ing high­lights the con­tents.

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