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Q Could any­one tell me what has re­placed the old ‘high speed hi-d’ fly-lines? I have just started fly­fish­ing again and the water I used to fish, the Queen Mother Reser­voir, was over 70 feet deep. I would like to fish in deeper wa­ters at the big­ger reser­voirs. Den­nis Moody

ROB ED­MUNDS REPLIES: The ‘High Speed Hi-D’ line was a fast sinker man­u­fac­tured by 3M Sci­en­tific An­glers and was the ‘go to’ sinker of com­pe­ti­tion an­glers in the 1970s and 80s. It sank at 4.5 inches per sec­ond belly first and had a fish-in­duc­ing U-shaped curve. At the time, it was the fastest sink­ing line avail­able. In the late 1980s Sci­en­tific An­glers re­duced the length of the line and so re­duced its ef­fec­tive­ness, and the short­ened ver­sion is still avail­able to this day. Airflo have since pro­duced a Di-5 Sweep, a fly-line that also pro­duces a fish-in­duc­ing U-shaped curve and I think it is far su­pe­rior to both the orig­i­nal and cur­rent ver­sion of the High Speed Hi-D. The Di-5 Sweep is longer, and made on a low stretch core mak­ing cast­ing and bite de­tec­tion much bet­ter. It also has the added ben­e­fit of be­ing much more re­silient than the High Speed Hi-D that cracks up af­ter very lit­tle use. Airflo has pi­o­neered sink­ing line de­vel­op­ment and a Di-5 Sweep is now usu­ally viewed as a medium fast sinker. Di-7 and Di-8 lines, sink­ing at 7 and 8 inches per sec­ond re­spec­tively, are now ac­cepted as the fastest sinkers on the mar­ket. Per­son­ally, I would al­ways ad­vise that an­glers opt for a Di-7 sink­ing line as this is the most user-friendly with ex­cep­tional per­for­mance. A Di-8 does sink slightly faster, but is re­ally only used by se­ri­ous com­pe­ti­tion an­glers and specimen hunters who need to get to those ex­treme depths. They tend to use very stiff rods to han­dle the line and in my ex­pe­ri­ence plea­sure an­glers of­ten strug­gle with a Di-8.

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