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I WRITE in re­sponse to Paul Strat­ford (Keep it about trout, let­ters is­sue 501) and oth­ers in that is­sue and oth­ers in the past. The opin­ion that TroutFish­er­man is a magazine that should be purely about trout is blink­ered, short-sighted and dis­ap­point­ing at best. By this ra­tio­nale we should ex­pect to see ar­ti­cles on trolling, spin­ning and fish­ing Power­bait un­der a bub­ble float! I doubt that any­one read­ing the magazine wants to see that. TF is a su­perb magazine for the fly an­gler and I ap­plaud the editorial team for fea­tur­ing far-flung des­ti­na­tions and species such as carp, pike, bone­fish and tar­pon and for try­ing to broaden the hori­zons of its read­er­ship. I fly­fish for any and all species and in any water I can find them. Coarse and sea fish of­fer chal­leng­ing and ex­tremely re­ward­ing fish­ing for the for­ward-think­ing fly an­gler. This is a fast-grow­ing branch of the sport, have a look at the Fly­fish­ing For Coarse Fish Face­book page and web­site if you don’t be­lieve me, and it’s re­ally good to see that re­flected in the pages of this magazine. Re­gard­less of the ti­tle on the cover we all know that TroutFish­er­man is a magazine which pro­vides in­for­ma­tion and in­spi­ra­tion for the fly an­gler. Ar­ti­cles on other species and ex­otic lo­ca­tions show a pro­gres­sive out­look, which is quite rightly at odds with the stuffy stereo­type per­pet­u­ated by the ‘keep it trout’ at­ti­tude. Mr Strat­ford and his ilk should take off their blink­ers and give other species and other branches of the sport a fair try, or risk be­ing left be­hind in a con­stantly evolv­ing world. I look for­ward to more ar­ti­cles on coarse, sea and ex­otic species and places in the fu­ture. Keep the good work, TroutFish­er­man team. Ge­off Hadley, by email

Edi­tor’ s re­ply: Thank you for the sup­port. We can’ t please ev­ery­one but it i sour duty to re­flect what’s hap­pen­ing in an ever-chang­ing world. As we’ve al­ways said, we’ ll al­ways be about trout–pre­dom­i­nantly.

Apleas­ant­di­ver­sion­for­some,anun­wel­come dis­trac­tion­forothers.

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