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It was dis­ap­point­ing to hear that, amid the plau­dits for Tur­naface’s ar­rival as a day-ticket water, there were one or two grum­blers, clearly un­aware that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We asked ex-fish­ery man­ager and TF columnist Peter Cock­will to re­mind us of the problems faced by busi­ness start-ups in this par­tic­u­lar sec­tor….

“It’s my favourite say­ing - ‘Ev­ery day ticket an­gler is the world’s best fish­ery man­ager’…” he re­sponded.

“The ini­tial prob­lem for any fish­ery is de­cid­ing how many fish to stock. There’s no easy way to work this out and although a pop­u­lar for­mula is 100 fish per acre, there are many wa­ters where this would be akin to ‘fish soup’, while oth­ers can re­quire a higher den­sity.

“Then there’s the sea­sonal vari­ance: cold-water stock den­sity is of­ten half the warm-water equiv­a­lent and yet the warmer times may still pro­duce a catch rate far less than the cold times, re­gard­less, so there’s no easy an­swer.

“The fish­ery will also have ‘hotspots’ where the stock ac­cu­mu­lates: it’s im­pos­si­ble to en­sure even fish dis­tri­bu­tion so that ev­ery­one has the same chance of catch­ing.

“It’s not a bad idea to have a trial fish­ing pe­riod be­fore open­ing up to day rods, so that the man­ager has some idea of how the water re­sponds and so can ad­vise cus­tomers, and also de­ter­mine if the water needs more stock.

“It can also then give an idea as to where best to cre­ate plat­forms for water ac­cess or maybe places where veg­e­ta­tion needs cut­ting back for cast­ing room.”

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