Po­lar Fry

Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Fly-Tying -

Hook: Size 4-8 long­shank or 6-8 salt­wa­ter hook Thread: White Gel Spun Tail: Blue or green pearl Lite Brite and Pea­cock Mir­ror Flash Body/wing: Lay­ers of olive and white Po­lar Fi­bre Eyes: 3-5mm Epoxy Eyes

Fix the hook in the vice and ap­ply a solid base of ty­ing thread. At the bend catch in a two-inch length of pearl Lite Brite at its mid­point.

Fold the Lite Brite over on it­self and fix it in place with thread-turns – this will form the tail. Catch in a few fi­bres of Pea­cock Mir­ror Flash.

Snip off a bunch of white Po­lar Fi­bre and re­move half of the short fi­bres from its base. Po­si­tion the Po­lar Fi­bre un­der­neath the shank.

Pre­pare a bunch of olive Po­lar Fi­bre and po­si­tion it on top of the shank. Se­cure it in place then cre­ate a body sec­tion from dubbed Lite Brite.

Dub on an­other gen­er­ous pinch of Lite Brite then add more white and olive Fi­bre. Trim the waste ends close to the eye and se­cure with thread.

Add an­other bunch of both white and olive Po­lar Fi­bre to cre­ate a sec­ond wing sec­tion. Th­ese bunches should be a lit­tle longer than the first.

Cre­ate a small head then cast off the ty­ing thread. Next, ap­ply a drop of UV resin to ei­ther side of the wing to form a solid base for the eyes.

Add an epoxy eye to ei­ther side of the head. This should be done one at a time, ap­ply­ing a small amount of UV resin to hold them in place.

With both eyes in po­si­tion fix them in place by coat­ing in UV resin. Harden the resin fully with a UV torch be­fore adding a sec­ond coat.

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