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Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Flybox Fillers -

Size 12 Ka­masan B110 grub hooks work well for me. I am go­ing to try some on bar­b­less hooks when they ar­rive. I think this fly might be ideal on bar­b­less.

Avoid mak­ing the body too bulky. The body needs to be skinny.

A split thread dub­bing loop works best – if you have the pa­tience to split the thread!

Pick over the dub­bing and re­move the long guard hairs. If it is still too spikey mix with some rab­bit or other fine hair dub­bing to smooth it a lit­tle more.

Af­ter ty­ing the fly and the head ce­ment is dry, give it a brush with a hard tooth­brush to free up any trapped fur or hackle fi­bres.

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