What’s in YOUR BOX?

Craig Barr high­lights some of the key pat­terns in his fly box …

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CRAIG Barr is a top com­pe­ti­tion an­gler, reg­u­lar Trout Fish­er­man still­wa­ter con­trib­u­tor and owner of the Flash Attack Flies com­pany which of­fers a wide range of qual­ity pat­terns, mainly for UK still­wa­ters. We asked him to wax lyri­cal about three pat­terns that are reg­u­larly plucked from his fly box. That’s not to say that the other pat­terns in the pic­ture are in­fe­rior - far from it!

1 Pink Squirmy Worm

Okay, im­i­ta­tive it ain’t! But this is a pat­tern purely for the still­wa­ters. It’s pro­duc­tive when fished static un­der the in­di­ca­tor when it’s deadly fished on the drop. The rub­ber legs have in­cred­i­ble move­ment, even when not re­trieved, but a jigged sink-and-draw motion in­creases the move­ment to ir­re­sistible lev­els with the pat­tern ris­ing and fall­ing en­tic­ingly – the trout sim­ply can’t re­sist. Fish this fly on a float­ing line.

2 Tung­sten Headed Hare’s Ear

A ver­sa­tile pat­tern that will work on rivers with a good flow or as a stalk­ing fly on clear still­wa­ters. It sinks fast and turns the leader over well – per­fect when try­ing to in­ter­cept cruis­ing trout. Two of these fished on a short leader in the edges close to reeds and into deep holes will serve the stalker well. A sug­ges­tive fly rep­re­sent­ing all man­ner of aquatic life.

3 Traf­fic Light Buzzer

This is my ‘go to’ Buzzer pretty much all year round on our reser­voirs, whether fished barbed or bar­b­less. It’s an all-round Buzzer pat­tern and one of Flash Attack Flies’ best sell­ers. Fish it static as part of a team on a float­ing or in­ter­me­di­ate fly line for best re­sults. The at­trac­tive green rib and red cheeks do tend to at­tract at­ten­tion from the trout.

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