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I HAVE been read­ing Trout Fish­er­man and other fly-fish­ing mag­a­zines for a num­ber of years now. At some point, each one of them cov­ers the need to get more peo­ple into fly-fish­ing, par­tic­u­larly young­sters and we ladies. What I find re­ally strange is that for a sport that wants to at­tract more from these two groups, I have yet to see a fe­male or a ju­nior fish­er­man on any ad­vice panel or even given space in the magazine for a reg­u­lar ar­ti­cle. I for one, would love to hear from ju­nior fish­er­men, what brought them into the sport and what ex­pe­ri­ences they have had. What tips they would like to share with the reader and what bugs them about our sport. They could re­view gear and per­haps com­ment on the gear that they like to use and why. Equally, with the women rep­re­sent­ing our coun­try in the sport, there must be some­one out there who would bring a rich­ness to the con­tent of the magazine and per­haps spur on a few more to pick up a rod and have a go. Who knows, we may yet in­crease the num­bers turn­ing to a very re­ward­ing sport. With re­spect, I do get a bit fed up see­ing the same few con­trib­u­tors re­view­ing fish­eries. What about adding a reader’s re­view, or bet­ter still, a ju­nior an­gler to pro­vide some in­sight into what parts he or she thought fished well and why. We will not en­cour­age more into the sport if we are not pre­pared to hear the views of the very peo­ple we need to keep our sport alive. On the same theme, is there any chance that you could men­tion if those items of cloth­ing or footwear that you re­view are avail­able in ladies or ju­nior sizes? Pauline Pen­dle, by email

Editor’ s re­ply: Good points. We’ d wel­come ap­pli­ca­tions from lady and ju­nior an­glers, and will as­sess cre­den­tials and de­cide. We won’ t of­fer on the ba­sis of to­kenism. Fur­ther­more, our con­trib­u­tors have built up knowl­edge over many years. We value their opin­ions.

Fly-fishingisn’tjust­for­men–ladieshave thep­a­tience­and­skilltofishaswell,ifnot bet­ter.

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