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A look at rabbit zonker strips, pea­cock dub­bing and a com­pact UV torch

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THE Bri­tish Fly Fair In­ter­na­tional al­ways throws up some new and in­ter­est­ing ma­te­ri­als, and among the prod­ucts I picked up this year was this rabbit zonker from Frozen North Flyfish­ing. It comes in a great range of colours, both sin­gle shades and two-tone. The two-tone strips re­ally caught my eye, and es­pe­cially the ‘rhubarb & cus­tard’ with its vi­brant yel­low fur and shock­ing pink tips, and the more sub­dued ‘ra­zor grass’, which has a lovely griz­zled ef­fect in golden olive. The zonker strips are well pre­pared and are cut evenly. They are nice and sup­ple so are easy to work with and even when work­ing with them wet no colour leached out. The skin strip is around 4mm wide and the fi­bres com­ing off the skin are up to 3cm in length. Al­though the strips can work well on smaller pat­terns such as the Grass Booby (pic­tured, right) it’s when you use a long length in a Zonker or the now very pop­u­lar Snake pat­tern that the ma­te­rial re­ally shows it­self off to its very best. With the Grass Booby I tied the zonker strip down only at the front end which, on a shorter pat­tern such as this, gives a lot more wig­gle fac­tor when the fly is re­trieved through the wa­ter. The R&C Zonker is slightly dif­fer­ent in that I have se­cured the zonker strip the length of the hook shank us­ing the rib. When do­ing this it’s all too easy to trap the mo­bile fur which is the last thing you want. The way I do it is to part the fur us­ing a dub­bing nee­dle, wet both sides so they stay sep­a­rated, then rib between the gap, brush back down and re­peat. The R&C Zonker is se­cured like this in about five places. Avail­able in rhubarb & cus­tard, tan olive, hulk, ra­zor grass, hot apri­cot, rasp­berry rip­ple, olive black tip, and gold­fish all at £4, and olive, shock­ing pink, white, light olive, marsh­mal­low pink and black at £3.60. You get three 17-inch strips per pack.

“The zonker strips are sup­ple and easy to work with.”

Rabbit zonker strips (l to r): rhubarb & cus­tard, hulk, rasp­berry rip­ple, gold­fish and ra­zor grass.

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