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There is an ab­so­lute wealth of leader ma­te­rial to choose from and it sure can be con­fus­ing. Look at it this way; if the wa­ter you fish usu­ally car­ries a bit of colour, say from peat stain­ing, then for most cir­cum­stances a ba­sic ny­lon will do all you want. The long-es­tab­lished Max­ima or Dren­nan Sub Sur­face are trusted by thou­sands of an­glers and do the job ad­mirably. Muddy wa­ter or the early-sea­son dis­coloura­tion from di­atom blooms are the same and there’s lit­tle point in us­ing the more ex­pen­sive flu­o­ro­car­bons. How­ever, if the wa­ter is clear then I’m con­vinced that there is an ad­van­tage to us­ing fluoro­car­bon. There are two op­tions for flu­o­ro­car­bons and the finer di­am­e­ter types can bring dis­tinct ad­van­tages if you fish for wild-bred fish or at catch-and-re­lease fish­eries. These are the times when smarter fish re­quire a lit­tle smarter ap­proach from the an­gler and it can pay to be aware of what might be a more thought­ful leader set-up for a range of wa­ters, but don’t make it too com­pli­cated as this can hin­der en­joy­ment and even suc­cess. My bag has some spools of a ba­sic ny­lon and two types of fluoro­car­bon. Get to know and trust a lim­ited range in­stead of swap­ping brands and then your knot ty­ing will get used to the same ma­te­ri­als. In the end, choos­ing a leader ma­te­rial that suits you is a mat­ter of trial and er­ror. Find your brands and trust them.

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