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As men­tioned, tarn trout tend to cruise over shal­lower ar­eas when feed­ing. A fast sink­ing line will snag the bot­tom quickly now. This, and the fact that up­land trout are highly de­pen­dent on ter­res­tri­als drop­ping in from above, means a float­ing line should be our first choice. So, can you fish tra­di­tional wet flies on a sink­ing line? Re­ally blus­tery weather can in­stantly blow your float­ing line around at the sur­face. Faced with such con­di­tions the shrewd tarn an­gler will switch to an in­ter­me­di­ate, or slow sink­ing line. Not only do you have more direct con­tact with your flies, but be­ing slim­mer in di­am­e­ter than float­ing lines and of course that bit denser, sink­ing lines pen­e­trate nig­gling winds more eas­ily. Tra­di­tion might have it that a team of wets should ideally be pre­sented on a float­ing line, but the very same flies can just be lethal when fished a tad deeper.

A reel loaded with a float­ing line should be your first choice.

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