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Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Fly-tying -

Hook: Size 8-10 wet-fly Thread: Pink 140 de­nier or flu­o­res­cent Glo-Brite floss Bead: 3.2mm metal­lic red Legs: Pink Su­per Stretch Floss Body: Both sec­tions – pink flu­o­res­cent Glo-Brite floss

Take a 3.2mm metal bead – ei­ther brass or tung­sten. Make a loop in a length of stiff ny­lon or yarn and thread it through the bead.

Take a length of pink Su­per Stretch Floss that is at least twice the com­bined length of a front and back leg and thread it through the loop.

Draw the ny­lon loop back through the bead pulling the floss with it. If it catches in the bead, stretch the floss slightly to re­duce its di­am­e­ter.

Pull the loop of floss un­til the bead reaches its mid­point. In­sert the hook point into the bead through its small­est hole.

Work the bead and floss around the hook bend then fix the hook in the vice. Ad­just the floss so that all four of the ends are of equal length.

With the bead po­si­tioned half­way along the shank draw the front two ends of the floss away from the eye and then run on the ty­ing thread.

Wind the thread down to the bead and then back to the eye this time over the lengths of floss. Build up the front of the body with thread lay­ers.

Cast off the thread at the eye then reat­tach it be­hind the bead. Use close thread turns to se­cure the rear lengths of the floss to the shank.

Build up the rear body sec­tion with thread be­fore cast­ing it off. Trim the legs to length then ap­ply coats of clear var­nish to the body.

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