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“...the line was easy to lift, aeri­alised well and loaded the rod per­fectly.”

SCIERRA have given a new look to their fly-line se­ries for 2018, and the best news for us an­glers is that the price has dropped and they are now a very com­pet­i­tive £29.99. The Aerial range con­cen­trates on the float­ing and in­ter­me­di­ate pro­files. The float­ing lines go from a WF3 to a WF9 and all are 27.5 me­tres (90 feet) with a head length of 11.2 me­tres (36.5 feet) and they have a white run­ning line and a bright green head length. The in­ter­me­di­ates go from a WF5 to WF9, and are 30 me­tres long (98.5 feet) with a 10.2 me­tre (33.5 feet) head length. These have a white float­ing run­ning line and a blue in­ter­me­di­ate head length. I got the chance to fish with the WF5, WF6 and WF7 floaters last month, all of which come with micro welded loops both front and back, and laser printed ID an inch back from the front loop. Af­ter the first cou­ple of casts the line showed only a small amount of mem­ory, noth­ing more than I would expect when taken straight off the man­u­fac­turer’s spool. The PVC line is built around a braided ny­lon core and has a small amount of stretch so it was easy to pull out this ini­tial mem­ory. Pulling the line through my fin­gers it had a nice smooth, slick coat­ing and this gave it great shoot­ing prop­er­ties through the rod rings. The line sits high in the sur­face, rather than in it, which al­lows for a very smooth and easy pick up off the wa­ter. A com­pe­tent caster should eas­ily be able to pick up the full head length out­side the rod tip, whereas those less pro­fi­cient will prob­a­bly need to keep the green/white join un­der­neath their fore­fin­ger next to the reel, in ef­fect short­en­ing the head length for eas­ier cast­ing. Right from the word go the line was easy to lift, aeri­alised well, and loaded the rod per­fectly. The en­su­ing for­ward cast and line shoot was re­ally pos­i­tive. The fast turnover of the tip and the sub­se­quent pre­sen­ta­tion was about as good as it gets. At short and medium range, I could gen­er­ate some lovely tight loops and it didn’t mat­ter whether I had the lines matched up to a fast ac­tion rod or one with a slightly softer mid­dle to tip ac­tion, the end re­sult was the same. When it came to dou­ble haul­ing and aeri­al­is­ing long head lengths to hit those dis­tance marks I did get the best re­sults from the faster ac­tion rod.


All three line weights tested ex­cep­tion­ally well so whether you are fish­ing dries and small wa­ters or the most windswept large reser­voir you’ve got ev­ery­thing cov­ered. I do like the more hi-vis head length colour which makes it re­ally easy to see and track on the wa­ter, and also to spot any slight move­ment at the tip. I was also pleased that Scierra still sup­ply these lines on large di­am­e­ter spools which I think has a lot to do with tack­ling any mem­ory is­sues.

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