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Ty­ing flies with dub­bing on a spool, squir­rel hair and a new translu­cent Fritz

ANY­THING that makes ty­ing flies quicker and eas­ier has got the vote as far as I’m con­cerned, es­pe­cially when I am ty­ing a lot of pat­terns in one sit­ting. Cre­at­ing dubbed bod­ies is cer­tainly one of those time-con­sum­ing tasks in­volv­ing spin­ning ma­te­rial onto thread or us­ing a dub­bing loop tech­nique. So how cool then is dub­bing on a spool? Quick Dub is just that, a spooled ma­te­rial com­pris­ing of a three-stranded fine syn­thetic core that has dif­fer­ent lengths of fi­bres trapped all along it, giv­ing a lovely fine dub­bing rope. The fi­bres are very sim­i­lar to mo­hair in ap­pear­ance and are lovely and soft. The rope can be tied in and wrapped around the hook shank in open or close touch­ing turns, depending on the ef­fect you want to achieve. If wrap­ping in close touch­ing turns and you want plenty of fi­bres show­ing make sure you brush them back after each turn. This tech­nique has been used for the body in the Blue-flash Dam­sel pat­tern (pic­tured). If you want a finer body or tho­rax with fewer fi­bres show­ing, keep twist­ing the Quick Dub as you wrap it onto the hook. This will com­press any of the longer fi­bres and keep them closer to the hook shank. This ma­te­rial is very ver­sa­tile and can be used across a wide range of pat­terns whether it be nymphs, dries or wets. I also like the at­ten­tion to de­tail that has gone into the colour range which is what I would call ‘im­i­ta­tive’ rather than at­trac­tor colours. Quick Dub is avail­able in a Solid and a Glint range. The Glint has a metal­lic thread run­ning along its length so when you wrap it around the hook shank it ac­tu­ally ribs as you wrap, as in the Klinkhamer (pic­tured). The Solid range (£3.50 per spool) comes in black mot­tled, brown, cream, dark green, dark olive, golden olive, grey, light grey, light olive, or­ange, pale olive, red, sage, shrimp pink, sun­burst or­ange and white. Glint range (£3.75) is avail­able in beige, black, cream, graphite, grey, dark beige, pale olive, red, shrimp pink and white. The spools are also quite handy in that they have a pull-off cap at one end which can be used to trap the loose end of dub­bing. And the la­bel at the other end has a cross-cut in the cen­tre so doesn’t need to be peeled off be­fore putting the spool in a bob­bin holder.

Quick Dub Glint.

Klinkhamer Hook: Size 12-14 Hanak H390BL Klinkhamer Thread: Vee­vus GSP 50 de­nier, white Ab­domen: Sem­per­fli Quick Dub Glint, cream Post: Tiemco Aero Dry Wing, pink Tho­rax: Bronze pea­cock herl Hackle: Griz­zle cock hackle

Blue-flash Dam­sel Hook: Size 12 Hanak H200BL or stan­dard wet fly hook Thread: Vee­vus 12/0, black Tail: Light olive marabou over­laid with blue flat tin­sel Body: Sem­per­fli Quick Dub Solid, light olive Head: Blue metal­lic brass or tung­sten bead

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