Lodge, Dam, south shore to East Arm

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Lodge Cor­ner – Dam: These are heav­ily-fished ar­eas be­ing close to the car park. Al­ways oblig­ing stock­ies for bank or boat an­glers. The pre­vail­ing SW wind is in your face but gen­er­ally no need to cast too far. Boat an­glers have plenty of 10-16 feet depth to fish straight-line Buzzers or sink­ing lines and lures. Over­flow: Has got shal­lower but still a fish mag­net. Big clouds of daph­nia here so try a bright FAB or Blob on point with Cruncher/Di­awl Bach on drop­pers. Brook­side: Pop­u­lar with right-han­ders. Mostly four to eight feet deep. Try a team of Buzzers on a floater drifted gen­tly round: size 10 black with or­ange cheeks on point, size 12 olive with yel­low cheeks in mid­dle, red or green Di­awl top drop­per. Brook­side Point: A small promon­tory where you can in­ter­cept pa­trolling fish. Also a top area late sea­son when dad­dies are on the wa­ter. Brook­side Bay: A 16-foot trench runs through this bay. Pro­duces good browns in the evening rise to black or fiery brown Ship­man’s or sedge im­i­ta­tions. East Arm: The back of the arm is shal­low but good when over­cast with small Buzzers or Corixa. A small bench where you’ll be look­ing to­wards Py­lon Point is a real hotspot. When the sun’s out you’ll spot gravel bars to your left just four feet down but there’s 11 feet in front of you. Boats do well fish­ing the arm en­trance or by do­ing a long drift down the Brook­side to­wards the Dam.

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