How to catch trout from coloured wa­ter

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QWhat is the best set-up and flies for fish­ing in brown or murky wa­ter? Edward Valen­tine PETER COCK­WILL REPLIES: Let’s as­sume you are fish­ing a still­wa­ter rather than a river, in which case the coloura­tion could be from an in­com­ing feeder stream in flood. You will of­ten find that the fish lie along the very edge of the colour change. It's re­ally hard to beat black flies in these con­di­tions, but do try dif­fer­ent sizes. I also like to use an in­ter­me­di­ate line to hold my flies down in the wa­ter. If the coloura­tion is from wind caus­ing muddy shal­low ar­eas to colour up then it can be tough fish­ing, in which case I sug­gest you look for the area where the dirty wa­ter meets the clearer area and adopt the same tac­tics as above. The last op­tion would be when a fish­ery goes a murky brown from an early sea­son di­atom bloom. There’s no easy an­swer this time as it can af­fect the whole fish­ery and seems to put the fish right off feed­ing and can take sev­eral weeks to work through. It's na­ture do­ing its thing but it is re­ally frus­trat­ing for us an­glers. Some­times in di­atom blooms I have done well with an al­most static Or­ange Blob, so that's worth a try.

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