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Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Fly-tying -


Red holo­graphic tin­sel adds a touch of sparkle to this oth­er­wise som­bre pat­tern. At­tach the tin­sel strands con­vex side in so that they hug the Fritz.


Us­ing ‘small’ 5mm foam dowel for the eyes en­sures the fly’s rate of as­cent is slow enough that it can be held on the hang for a few ex­tra sec­onds, even when the fly line has been fully re­trieved.


Ul­tra thin, ul­tra strong threads don’t re­ally work on this pat­tern as they would eas­ily cut through the soft foam dowel. Con­sider a 140 de­nier thread which won’t cut the foam but is strong enough to hold it se­curely.


When form­ing the eyes make sure they are evenly-sized. If one eye is ob­vi­ously larger than the other the Booby will not fish on an even keel as in­tended.


If you need to trim the eyes so they are the same size and a nice round shape use a sharp pair of finetipped scis­sors. It’s eas­ier if you re­move the hook from the vice to do this.

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