Six of the best for early sea­son on still­wa­ters

Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Fly-tying -

1 | Blue Dam­sel

With the weather warm­ing up, in­sects will be hatch­ing and trout love noth­ing more than a dam­sel. This pat­tern has caught thou­sands of fish all over the UK on a wide va­ri­ety of wa­ters. I pre­fer to fish mine on a float­ing line with quite a long 15-foot leader and fish it slowly around reed beds and the banks, which have a lit­tle depth to them. Again, this fly will be on my cast through­out the year as it is a proven fish-catcher.

2 | Mon­tana

This bridges the gap be­tween nymph and lure so a great fly for find­ing fish. It’s one of the first flies I ever caught on and it’s al­ways in my box for the spring when the tad­poles are hatch­ing and the trout re­ally feed hard on them. Black lures tend to be my best fish-catch­ers through spring, but don’t fish this fly too fast. It’ll catch fish on a float­ing line all the way down to a Di-7. Fish the fly all the way into the bank be­cause the fish will be feed­ing in the shal­low wa­ter this month and will of­ten fol­low your fly in.

3 | Tequila Blob

Love them or hate them, Blobs have to be in ev­ery­one’s fly box. This is one of my all-time most suc­cess­ful flies on still­wa­ters. With plenty of fresh fish go­ing into all the larger wa­ters I’ll have this on my drop­per for most of the month. If fish­ing them on small wa­ters then don’t be afraid to fish them static or even un­der the bung – you’ll be amazed how many more fish you’ll catch.

4 | Strag­gle Cat Booby

Such a ver­sa­tile pat­tern that works all sea­son. This month, on those hard cold days, I’ll fish mine on a 10-foot leader as a sin­gle fly on a fast sink­ing line, slowly close to the bot­tom. But it will also fish well on the point of a wash­ing-line set-up whereby a buoy­ant fly on the point keeps the flies high in the wa­ter. Al­ways make sure that Boo­bies are permitted on your cho­sen wa­ter be­fore us­ing them and don’t be afraid to fish them on a float­ing line to keep your flies high in the wa­ter –fish will of­ten take them off the sur­face!

5 | Foam Killer Shrimp

Most an­glers think that Grafham is the only place to fish a Killer Shrimp pat­tern, but I’ve been us­ing one on a small wa­ter for a long time and with great suc­cess. Of­ten, when the fish have seen too many lures on the smaller lakes through the win­ter, they’ll only get caught on the nat­u­ral pat­terns and there’s a shrimp or wa­ter louse in ALL wa­ters, so this will catch you fish. I like to fish the fly on its own on light 5lb leader and on an in­ter­me­di­ate line. Fish the fly with an er­ratic re­trieve but the trout will also pick it up fished static. Don’t fish the fly too far out as the shrimps will be in the shal­lower wa­ter like a lot of the in­sects on the move at this time of year.

6 | Hawthorn

A true favourite now when the first warm weather ar­rives and fish look up as hatches get big­ger and big­ger through the month. Don’t be afraid to fish a cou­ple on the same cast and also sub­sur­face on a slow re­trieve.

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