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AT this time of year buzzer fish­ing re­ally comes to the fore, and whether you are us­ing a Buzzer un­der a bung on a small fish­ery or a team of Buzzers and a sin­gle Blob on the reser­voirs, Selectafly have got it cov­ered. Their flies are nor­mally shipped the same day for or­ders re­ceived be­fore 3pm and they of­fer free de­liv­ery for fly or­ders over £15 (UK only). 1 | T15 Jelly Blobs These are tied on size 10 Ka­masan B160 hooks (barbed) and they fit within the in­ter­na­tional fly hook gauge so are com­pe­ti­tion le­gal. The main in­gre­di­ent is Fly­box’s T15 translu­cent fritz, a lovely soft ma­te­rial that folds back around the hook and takes on a ‘jelly-like’ ap­pear­ance when wet. They are avail­able in tequila, cock­tail coral, bis­cuit, red, UV white, fire or­ange and or­ange. The barbed pat­terns are 70p and they are also avail­able in a bar­b­less range at 85p each.

2 | Pro Ul­ti­mate Bung

This neat and re­ally sim­ple pat­tern is made from Tiemco Aero Dry Wing, a qual­ity polypropy­lene yarn. The yarn’s fi­bres are made up of hol­low cham­bers mak­ing the ma­te­rial lighter than wa­ter and very buoy­ant. A three-quar­ter inch post of the pink Dry Wing is tied in shut­tle­cock-style so it is highly vis­i­ble, and also makes it easy to see when the Buzzers sus­pended un­der­neath have hit their depth as the bung will cock up­right. Avail­able in size 10 at £1.50.

3 | Buzzers

The Buzzers fea­tured here form part of Selectafly’s ‘Pro’ range and are tied on qual­ity Tiemco and Ga­makatsu hooks. Pro team mem­ber David Mal­pas is re­spon­si­ble for the Green Glow Buzzer (size 12, £1), a neat lit­tle grub hook pat­tern that combines an olive body with a pearl tho­rax. Great for im­i­tat­ing those hatches of small green buzzers. The SBD ‘sub­tle but deadly’ Buzzer (size 10, £1) is a more som­bre pat­tern, ideal for when the fish have be­come wary of brighter of­fer­ings. This has a golden olive ab­domen and tho­rax with a stripped quill rib and white cheeks. Matt’s Hatch­ing Buzzer (size 14, £1.20) has a nicely tied stripped quill ab­domen with pea­cock herl tho­rax, cheeks of or­ange tin­sel and a soft grey hen hackle in front. Pro team mem­ber Matt Har­ris de­vel­oped it for im­i­tat­ing buzzers hatch­ing in the top layers.

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