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IF ever there was an au­tumn colour for a lure choice then my num­ber one will al­ways be orange. Maybe it’s some­thing to do with the fo­liage colours, but more likely it’s a hang­over from the days when stock­ing was with mixed-sex fish in the pre-triploid days. That’s when we would see highly-ag­gres­sive cock rain­bows and I so of­ten watched them lit­er­ally at­tack an orange-based f ly. The good old Whisky Fly was such a hot lure and although I sup­pose it’s not much more than a grown-up Dunkeld it was the supreme late-sea­son f ly for many years. Then marabou and syn­thet­ics came along and spawned a whole range of new lures but it’s that orange colour that re­mains dom­i­nant for this time of year. Even the might y ‘Blob’ in its orig­i­nal orange for­mat is a killer and whether or not you think it re­sem­bles clus­ter of daph­nia doesn’t mat­ter be­cause it works. As for my choice of au­tumn lures, it will be hard to go wrong with a ba­sic Orange Fritz or Orange Cat’s Whisker as your point f ly and have some­thing much sim­pler on the drop­per. I know that my drop­per choice could be classed as a ny mph but it’s only in the far west of the USA that it might ac­tu­ally be im­i­tat­ing a stonef ly nymph so the ever-re­li­able Mon­tana with an orange thora x is my favoured pat­tern. It’s got the colour and a bit of ac­tion from the palmered hackle, plus it’s a good ‘chased’ f ly with the lure be­hind it. It’s prob­a­bly as well to f ish the lure com­bi­na­tion with the in­ter­me­di­ate line and, of course, you can tr y all man­ner of re­trieves from a crawl to a roly-poly. Rain­bow trout are ag­gres­sive feed­ers at this time of year and you of­ten get the most ex­cit­ing fol­lows as they home in on the lure, so re­mem­ber that it’s usu­ally best to speed up the re­trieve when you see a fol­low.

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