What’s in YOUR BOX?

Brian Daw­son high­lights a few of his favourite pat­terns from his fly box …

Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Focus On -

1 Min­i­mal­ist Buzzer

“We nick­named the man who fished these ‘Cap­tain Hook’. His shoul­der went so he ended up fish­ing the bung with a bare red hook be­neath it, and he was get­ting six or seven fish. I’ve seen guys catch on just plain gold hooks, too.”

2 Green­well Emerger

“This is the one I’ve been us­ing to­day. The flash is Ice Dub­bing. Some days, they want it with just the plain olive top; other days, the lit­tle bit of sparkle makes a dif­fer­ence. There’s a black ver­sion to the right.” [ie be­low it in the pic­ture]

3 Bub­ble Corixa

“It may not be im­i­ta­tive but I tied a CDC tail to this Corixa pat­tern. When you cast out and let it hang be­fore pulling it un­der, the tail means you pull an air bub­ble down with it, just like a nat­u­ral corixa does. This won an­other of the Fly­mas­ter chal­lenges.” [see 489]

4 Daddy Hog

“This foam-bodied pat­tern is ex­cel­lent in a big wave. I was fish­ing at Tun­stall and had about 20 takes on con­ven­tional Dad­dies but never hooked a fish. I tied a Sedge­hog ver­sion of the Daddy and with that I hooked seven fish out of eight rises straight away. Its deer hair hackle gives the im­pres­sion of a fuzzing wing. They fish in the sur­face, in a de­cent wave, static or on the pull.”

5 Shrimp

“This Shrimp pat­tern in­cludes a rab­bit strip turned over and brought back over the top. It’s a seg­mented thing with an orange hotspot.”

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