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Lures should be re­trieved er­rat­i­cally, so vary the style of re­trieve even dur­ing one draw back be­fore re­cast­ing. Try to im­part as much life into the marabou tail as pos­si­ble be­cause it’s the move­ment that the fish find at­trac­tive. If the trout are in chas­ing mood and eager to fol­low the lures at speed, try a roly-poly re­trieve which in­volves plac­ing the rod butt un­der your arm and then us­ing a hand-over-hand mo­tion to re­trieve the fly line back. This re­trieves the flies back at a con­tin­u­ous speed, which is some­times very suc­cess­ful. But it of­ten pays to vary things up with short pauses and short or long strips or slow pulls and a fig­ure-of-eight in­be­tween. Once you’ve dis­cov­ered the re­trieve type and speed, fo­cus on that.

“It’s usu­ally best to speed up the re­trieve when you see a fol­low.”

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