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UN­DOUBT­EDLY deadly, even if there might not be much cast­ing in­volved but you can use a dr y f ly as your in­di­ca­tor and dou­ble up the chances of a f ish, es­pe­cially if you use a Deer Hair Daddy or God­dard Cad­dis. These are great f loaters and a sort of eye candy for a hungr y trout. Takes to these dr y in­di­ca­tors are ver y of­ten a huge, en­thu­si­as­tic swirl and some­times the f ish part rolls out of the wa­ter to take it down. Still go­ing with the orange au­tumn theme I find that an Okey Dokey is re­ally ef­fec­tive as the point f ly around two to three feet down, and so too is a sim­ple Orange Blob although nowa­days I favour the ones tied on 12s in­stead of 10s or 8s. Be war y, though, as trout will ab­so­lutely swal­low them and that’s none too clever if you f ish catch-and-re­lease wa­ters. If you don’t fancy us­ing a dr y f ly as your in­di­ca­tor then there are lots of ready­made ones to choose from and it pays to have a few colour choices de­pen­dent on the light con­di­tions. As you can imag­ine, an orange in­di­ca­tor can bring a few ‘takes’ from over-eager trout at this time of year. You can eas­ily sus­pend two f lies un­der an in­di­ca­tor to have choice of depth and then maybe team up your orange op­tion with a sim­ple Flexi-Floss Blood­worm. One lit­tle tip for you here with in­di­ca­tors is to have a steeply-ta­pered leader, and not more than around 10 feet. It’s much eas­ier to turn over the bulk y, and air-re­sis­tant in­di­ca­tor like that be­cause the power of your cast is more eff iciently put to the leader.

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