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QWhat fly and method do you start with (I of­ten use the one that caught fish the last time out)? And how long be­fore you change the fly or method? Martin Fahy PETER COCK­WILL REPLIES: It's a pretty safe bet to start off with a pat­tern and tech­nique you have some con­fi­dence in, but don’t for­get that ev­ery day is dif­fer­ent. A bit of time spent look­ing at the wa­ter and the weather, while also con­sid­er­ing the time of day, time of year and tem­per­a­ture might be more use­ful than do­ing the same old thing. As for how long you should fish a pat­tern, I would ad­vise that rather than chang­ing your pat­tern so quickly, it would be bet­ter to change your re­trieve style and re­trieve depth. Just do some­thing dif­fer­ently to what you’ve been do­ing, ei­ther speed­ing up or slow­ing the re­trieve for ex­am­ple. Maybe even change po­si­tion by look­ing for some fish ac­tiv­ity be­fore then chang­ing pat­tern. If you can see fish mov­ing then try to im­i­tate what they may be feed­ing on and, fail­ing that, change colours and sizes of fly un­til you find a for­mula. But bear in mind that this too can change dur­ing the day. Be flex­i­ble and ob­ser­vant so you can try and stay one step ahead of the fish in­stead of just re­ly­ing on what hap­pened last time.

You may be bet­ter off chang­ing re­trieve style rather than fly pat­tern.

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