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QTry as I might, I can­not get on with CDC. I’ve now given up so don’t try to per­suade me! Can you sug­gest a cou­ple of al­ter­na­tives to the CDC F-Fly and the CDC Shut­tle­cock? I’ve been try­ing poly yarn and think it might be the an­swer but ex­pert tips would be much ap­pre­ci­ated. David Farnsworth PAUL PROC­TER REPLIES: I hear what you’re say­ing about CDC (cul de ca­nard). While I en­joy us­ing flies dressed with CDC, they are tem­per­a­men­tal and some­times re­quire plenty of TLC to keep them afloat. For my money the two al­ter­na­tives I’d turn to are snow­shoe hare fur and TMC Aero Dry Wing. Snow­shoe hare is an ex­tremely buoy­ant and re­silient nat­u­ral fur found on the un­der­side of the snow­shoe hare’s foot. While it can be used as dub­bing, these fi­bres lend them­selves to mak­ing nat­u­ral look­ing, del­i­cate dry fly wings and posts. Some de­bate ex­ists as to whether the fur should be tied in by the tips, or butts. These days, I pre­fer se­cur­ing the tips to the hook shank (see pic­ture be­low) as this way the butt sec­tion flares quite read­ily to achieve a pleas­ing wing. Un­like CDC, snow­shoe fur can be treated us­ing var­i­ous floatants, in­clud­ing gel like Ginks and Mu­cilin paste. TMC Aero Dry Wing is a syn­thetic yarn con­sist­ing of polypropy­lene. If this isn’t buoy­ant enough, each strand is hol­low to im­prove floata­bil­ity. For me the more de­sir­able char­ac­ter­is­tics are the ex­tremely fine fi­bres and that the ma­te­rial comes in 4-ply mak­ing it easy to gauge wing den­sity. Un­like nat­u­ral fur, the fi­bres are not ta­pered, so a lit­tle bulk might oc­cur when ty­ing in hooks smaller than size 16. That said, this is an ex­cel­lent ma­te­rial avail­able in a wide range of colours, mak­ing it per­fect for wing­ing dry flies. Due to ta­per­ing hairs, it could be ar­gued the snow­shoe fur suits pat­terns like the shut­tle­cock-style, or F-Fly, whereas TMC Aero Dry Wing is per­fect for ty­ing para­chutes, com­para­duns and spin­ners. Given this, I per­son­ally make a point of us­ing both these ma­te­ri­als.

Snow­shoe hare's fur is both buoy­ant and re­silient.

TMC Aero Dry Wing is a per­fect wing­ing ma­te­rial.

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