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THE new Fo-Tech Float and Type 3 sink­ing lines are avail­able in dual rated 5/6, 6/7 and 7/8 weights and they have a 44-foot head length and an 86-foot run­ning line. All have a braided ny­lon mul­ti­fil­a­ment core and come with mi­cro welded loops at both ends. The 6/7 float­ing line had a small amount of ini­tial mem­ory but af­ter a quick stretch and a few casts was as straight as a die. It was smooth and sup­ple and I couldn’t de­tect any im­per­fec­tions in the coat­ing. The head length does look quite chunky when com­pared to the very thin di­am­e­ter run­ning line, al­most like a shoot­ing head-style of fly line. Cort­land have de­signed the lines to be quick load­ing and it cer­tainly was on the 10ft 6wt rod that I tried first. I fol­lowed up with a quick-fire cast which saw a fair amount of run­ning line streak out onto the wa­ter. At short and medium range I had to feather the run­ning line to get per­fect turnover and pre­sen­ta­tion, but at longer range this wasn’t a prob­lem. The float­ing line has a bright yel­low run­ning line and a white head length, and where the two colours meet is con­sid­ered the op­ti­mum load­ing zone. Com­pe­tent cast­ers will be able to keep the head length just in­side the rod tip for best re­sults, while those less con­fi­dent of aeri­al­is­ing the 44-foot head length may pre­fer to keep this zone in the fin­ger tips. Which­ever you pre­fer, the head length is more than man­age­able. The ta­per is fairly ag­gres­sive on these lines and although you have to keep it un­der con­trol to get the ideal pre­sen­ta­tion it just eats up the dis­tance so you can tar­get those fish feed­ing at range. The float­ing line sits nice and high on the wa­ter and the bright run­ning line is easy to track. The 6/7 Type 3 (a medium-sink rated at 3-4ips), is den­sity com­pen­sated. It took a few casts and a lit­tle bit of sil­i­cone de­greas­ant to get the head sec­tion sink­ing evenly. It does feel denser than the float­ing line, and loaded the 10ft 6wt fast-ac­tion rod that lit­tle bit deeper, but was still man­age­able. When it came to lift­ing longer and longer head lengths from the wa­ter the rod was put un­der a bit of pres­sure so I also tested it on a fast-ac­tion 7wt rod. This had that ex­tra power to lift it more cleanly and pos­i­tively, aeri­al­is­ing it smoothly and al­low­ing me to re­ally launch it at those dis­tance marks. The 3-4ips brown head length is seam­lessly con­nected to a bright yel­low in­ter­me­di­ate run­ning line.


These are some of the best Cort­land lines I’ve seen. The two-tone shoot­ing head-style has an ag­gres­sive ta­per that com­bines with a thin run­ning line for ef­fort­less dis­tance casts.

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