The Perch Zonker

Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Fly-Tying -

Hook: Size 6-4 long­shank bronze or nickel fin­ish Thread: White 140 de­nier Weight: Lead wire Tail: Salmon pink Lite-Brite Body: Green pearl Lite-Brite Wing: Light or dark olive barred rab­bit Zonker strip Eyes: Red epoxy eyes

Wind on two turns of the Lite-Brite at the base of the tail then twist the dub­bing to form a rope. Wind the Lite-Brite along the shank in touch­ing turns.

Fold the Lite-Brite fi­bres over and se­cure then pinch off the ends to form the tail. Dub on a large pinch of green pearl Lite-Brite, twist­ing the end to a point.

Stop the Lite-Brite three quar­ters along shank. Cut a length of olive barred rab­bit strip and catch it in up­side down and pro­ject­ing over the eye.

Wind close turns of lead wire along the shank and se­cure in place with thread. Pre­pare a bunch of pink Lite-Brite fi­bres and catch in at their mid­point.

Dub on a se­cond pinch of Lite-Brite to form a rope and wind it over the turns of thread hold­ing the rab­bit strip. Carry on un­til the eye is reached.

Once the se­cond sec­tion of the body is added, draw the rab­bit hair back away from the eye and ap­ply thread turns. Cast off the thread with a whip fin­ish.

At­tach thread at the tail-base then stretch rab­bit strip over the body. Part the hair to ex­pose the bare skin then se­cure the strip with tight thread turns.

Cast off thread with a whip fin­ish, stroking the hair back in place and away from the eye. Ap­ply a small amount of Su­per­glue at the eye to con­trol the hair.

Fix an eye ei­ther side of the body us­ing a Su­per­glue gel. When it’s set, cover the eyes with coats of clear var­nish or a UV cure resin to se­cure them in place.

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