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Un­sur­pris­ingly for this chal­lenge there were a few en­tries based on a float­ing deer hair fry but the Si li Fry took the tech­nique to a new level. Hav­ing cre­ated the ba­sic flat-fry pro­file, us­ing spun and clipped deer hair, the un­der­side is coated in clear sil­i­cone seal ant. In ad­di­tion, a small clear plas­tic vane has been added at the eye to imp art move­ment when the fly is be­ing re­trieved. This style of pat­tern is tied to float on its side so the strands of pearl and green Lit e-B rite plus a red holo­graphic eye are only added to the un­der side. With these nice touches, the Si li Fry is a wor­thy win­ner.

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