2| The Brockew Fry

Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Fly Masters - MICHAEL BEATY

HOOK: Size 10 wide gape – 2 hooks linked with strong ny­lon mono THREAD: Black 50 de­nier TAIL: Orange & pink Crys­tal Flash BOD­IES: Pearl Glis­ter Sparkle Dub­bing/red Scud Dub­bing RIB: Gold wire BACK: Dark pheas­ant tail fi­bres coated in UV resin EYES: 3mm sil­ver/black epoxy eyes GILLS: Orange/pink Crys­tal Flash HEAD: White foam dowel PETER SAYS: Pop per-style fry pat­terns tied in two sec­tions, and in smaller sizes are rare. The tech­nique adds move­ment to an oth­er­wise static pat­tern. The bod­ies cre­ate ap leas­ing ef­fect. The gills/ tail are sug­gested by a mix of orange and pink Crys­tal Flash while the dark back is formed from pheas­ant tail fi­bres coated with a clear UV cure resin to pro­tect from the trout’ s teeth.

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