Perch facts

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Char­ac­ter­is­tic black and green stripes with red fins and dark eye. Spined dor­sal fin.


Males ma­ture ear­lier than fe­males, usu­ally 2-4 years with fe­males be­ing 3-5 years. This ma­tu­rity can be ear­lier if food is plen­ti­ful. Fe­males grow larger than the males and, al­though they take longer to ma­ture, they ac­tu­ally grow faster. Perch live up to 20 years.


Fe­males can pro­duce masses of eggs, di­rectly re­lated to their size – the larger the fe­male, the more eggs pro­duced. Af­ter hatch­ing, alevins are equipped with a yolk sac from which they feed for the next few weeks. Then they slowly be­come fry and feed on water fleas and the like.

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