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Casts of no more than 25 feet should be your goal as these make pre­ci­sion and ac­cu­racy casts easy to achieve. What’s more, with less fly line on the water your pre­sen­ta­tion is bound to im­prove with less like­li­hood of drag. In many in­stances, you might only have a cou­ple of feet of fly line out­side the rod tip and cou­pled with the leader our reach is a mere 15 feet or so. It goes with­out say­ing, take de­tec­tion will be a lot eas­ier now. Don’t ag­o­nise over alert­ing fish too much. So long as you move de­lib­er­ately and with­out crunch­ing stones un­der­foot, fish can be be­wil­der­ingly tol­er­ant of our pres­ence when we’re thigh deep in water. To help keep your casts at a man­age­able range it’s best to work with a fixed line. This means only peel­ing the de­sired length of line off the reel and lock­ing it in place be­tween the index fin­ger and rod han­dle. Re­li­giously do­ing this means you can’t phys­i­cally cast any fur­ther. This en­cour­ages us to fo­cus on the water im­me­di­ately in front of us by fan cast­ing (di­a­gram 7). To ex­plore fresh, un­touched water, in­stead of ex­tend­ing line, sim­ply take a pace or two in the di­rec­tion you’re pro­gress­ing (di­a­gram 8).

Lock a length of line be­tween index fin­ger and rod han­dle.

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