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When fish­ing bugs or nymphs, we can al­ter the depth our flies fish with­out chang­ing to heav­ier or lighter pat­terns. This is done by al­ter­ing the an­gle we pre­sent our flies. Cast­ing squarely across flows ex­poses more of the fly line (where ap­pli­ca­ble) and leader to cur­rents (di­a­gram 9). This pres­sure pre­vents the flies from plung­ing too deep. Ob­vi­ously, we should em­ploy such tac­tics in shal­low runs, or where flows are slacker. To get the very same flies to fish deeper, we should an­gle casts more di­rectly up­stream. Now fly line and/or leader are less af­fected by push­ing water, al­low­ing our flies to sink more quickly and deeper too (di­a­gram 10).

Cast­ing across flows ex­poses the whole of your fly line to flows and ush­ers them round more quickly to pre­vent them sink­ing too far FLOW

Cast­ing more up­stream sees far less line ex­posed to flows, al­low­ing your flies to sink deeper FLOW

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